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How do I verify a payment method used?

We will contact you should this be necessary and will let you know what information or documentation we require.

Credit/Debit card: Needs to show the first 6 and last 4 digits, your full name and expiry date. Please cover the other digits. We also don't need to see the back, but keep in mind that all 4 corners need to be visible.

Bank Account: Bank statement or screenshot from your online banking account showing your name and account details.

Other methods: Screenshot showing the email address or the account number/ID and your name.

How do I verify an expired/lost card?

There may be an option such as “Card History” or “Debit Cards” on your online banking. We require a screenshot of the card history, which must also include your name and bank details.

Failing that, you can call into a branch of your bank where they will be able to print out proof for you and stamp it.

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